13 May 2014

Sewing Classes.

A few months ago I heard that a new sewing shop was opening up in Saltcoats and that sewing classes would be starting there.  To say I was excited was an understatement as there wasn't anything close by that was teaching total beginners.

Diane that runs the classes is lovely.  So friendly and encouraging. Saltcoats was really needing this type of shop and the classes.  I love to think that I can make things for the kids though my daughter is at the stage where she might not be wanting to wear anything mummy made.  How uncool of me to suggest it.

So,  6 or is it 7 weeks later,  I have made a hold all type bag,  a make up bag and Diane is now working on showing us how to make a top.  I'm learning loads about how to move the fabric through the machine;  I didn't realise how much I had been pulling the fabric through.  The way I have been shown is so much easier and probably obvious to other people.

So, back to the top.  We have fitted the tops to ourself cut out the fabric and sewn the shoulders and neckline.  Interfacing has been put on the neck and top stitching has been done on the inside of the neck.  Now for the zip at the back.   We have been practising hard with the zips.  I have my top and zip home with me to practise on for next week though on my machine it may be a bit more tricky.  My machine is an old singer and she is a bit of an older lady now.  She pulls fabric through to the side a lot (it's not me honest) and I'm having all sorts of tension issues and snapage (yay for technical speak).

So here is a few pictures from the class.  I'm still a bit shy about asking to take pictures.  Silly me.

We are using a Janome Sewist at the class.  Rather that than lugging my singer down just for it to show me up in front of folk by snapping and wandering to the side.  I love it really.

This is the start of my lovely top that I'm very proud of.  
I always imagined doing necklines to be very difficult and way beyond what I was capable of but it was actually okay.  I won't say easy as if it was that easy we (Diane and I) wouldn't have ripped it back a few times.  Heyho, you live and learn.

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