22 May 2014

Remembering my dad.

Today it is 2 years since my dad passed away. It's a day I start to dread at the beginning of May. It's like the countdown to being faced with a memory of the worst day ever. 22nd May, I despise you.

Thursday is a busy day at work and I work in Largs on a Thursday morning, out my own office. To be honest, I never asked for it off but I'm sure they would have allowed it.

Minuting a meeting is hard when you are thinking about the timeline of that day.

I wrote a lot more about that day but then deleted it. It's my memories but it's also my sisters and my mums memories. That's for them.

My wee boy went his p1 school trip that day. I had just dropped him off and waited for the bus to leave. I had just came off nightshift. It was walking bus week. All these memories that came to me throughout the day.

Love you dad xx





  1. Lovely Laura, losing your Dad is so hard - mine left me 11 years ago and there isn't a day goes by when I don't think of him and miss him. My thoughts are with your Laura, take care and big hugs to you. Sorry I have not popped over to see you so much lately, hopefully work will be a little quieter for a while and I can come and visit you every post. Dorothyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Thanks Dorothy, I appreciate that xx