19 May 2014

Lunchtime and beyond

Five days a week I work in an office, sitting down, being busy. So I really should get out more at lunch time. So today I did. My office is only 2 mins from the coast line any way so I popped my simple life podcast on and took Tsh a wee walk with me. (Tsh Oxenrider is the simple life podcaster, I was walking solo, lol). It was really quite warm today at lunchtime and I just strolled along.
Saltcoats harbour. This bit was lovely and stripy green, with all the moss and rock pools. See the boats in the distance, waiting for their turn to dock at Hunterston.
Walking along a bit, bit less green and more rocky.
Lovely blue sky and a lovely view.
Can you see the jet skier? That looked like great fun.
And back up off the shore road to the war memorial. Another 5 mins and I was back at my desk.....
These pictures were taken about five minutes apart. The weather is foul here tonight . Can you see the picture above to the left. There is a boat sitting there on the horizon. Probably one of the boats that is in the pictures I took earlier at lunchtime. As well as working near the sea, I'm also lucky enough to live near it too.

This was taken about 7.30 tonight just after the thunder started and it's still going. There have been some pretty big flashes, really big and even bigger bangs. I've never seen anything like it. In the background of this picture you can see Cannon Hill Castle in the neighbouring town, Ardrossan.

A rainbow has a cheek to put in a short appearance.

And then Stuart though he would go put for a run. Mental, there is Noah I would go out in that which is why Stuart is going to go and pick my sister up from work as I jump ten feet every time there is a flash. Not good for driving with both hands on the wheel.

Thanks for reading my blog, I'm really touched to see so many page views.


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