24 Aug 2013


Had a lovely day.  It's Saturday, the weekend, longer lie and 2 family days.

Yesterday was the first meeting of the knitting club at the library.  I had taken a half day so I could go and support the library.

It was a great wee group.  I knew some of the people then including a close friend and some of the librarians were there.  I'm not going to be able to go again though as I can't get that time off on a Friday. 

One thing that someone was doing was that caught my eye was crocheting with carrier bags. She was making a crochet bag with them.  It looked right up my street.  

So today i got on the iPad and looked up patterns and YouTube tutorials.  So I found a YouTube tutorial by bethintx1 on plarning the circular way.  It was a really helpful tutorial.  It means that you ,are one big length from the one carrier bag.  

So then I found a pattern for a tote bag that seems quite easy.  I think I'm using a hook that's  a wee bit too small.  The pattern is  http://www.myrecycledbags.com/2008/07/19/the-ultimate-grocery-bag/

So this is it so far.   It's coming on quite fast.  The other ones I've seen though online are made with funkier bags, they must come from places where they have nicer bags.  Round here it's sainsburies or tesco or Asda.   The mackays bags are nice, pink or purple but I don't have many of them.

So plarning,  that's where I'm at today.

19 Aug 2013

Back to school for another year!

Hi, yes, it's another blog. I'm on a roll.  

Today my little people went back to school after 7 weeks of playing,
running, cycling, jumping and generally having fun.  They were so
smart walking in.  They seem to have grown up so much in those 7 
weeks and my heart swelled with pride as they walked in
ready for their first day.

This is My sister Emma with my wee girl in the background.  She takes any opportunity she can get to take selfies with my phone.  I left them in the car for five minutes till I popped in for some bit for lunch.  Wee monkeys.

Right up the back of my garden is my nasturtiums.  This bit of the garden is left pretty to much 
to do its own thing as the wild growth covers a tree stump that's too wonky to be any use 
but too big to be removed.  My dad grew these nasturtiums, three years ago. And they 
keep coming back to visit.  Regrowing every year.  They remind me of dad.  Even the
Ones he grew nearly 9 years ago make a small appearance at our old flat across the road.

Got some shiny leggings!

And I'm working on the granny stripe mittens by 'Lucy in the sky'. I still haven't worked out 
How to link sites on my iPad.  If anyone can help with that I would be much appreciated.

18 Aug 2013

I'm still here, honest!

If you are reading this thanks for sticking with me.  I have some woolly blogs waiting in the wings, i just need to get on the pc to do them. 

I thought I better blog at least something incase you thought I had just disappeared, gave up, ran away.  Working day shift is so much better for me but I'm not in the 'routine' yet. I go to bed too late then rush in the morning, then by nighttime I'm tired and so on.  Kids go back to school next week so I'm setting myself a bedtime target.  Hmmmm.

I've been altering my twitter and trying some new blogs to read.  If anyone can suggest any new blogs I would much appreciate it.  I just don't have enough.

          Kids thought it would be funny to much about with my oven gloves.  Wee monkeys.
          Good job my floor was clean.

   Not exactly the classiest bearded collie.  She thinks its okay to just stretch out and take up the           majority of a three sweater sofa.  Did I move her?  No.  I did not.

 My mums westie,  she has a bit of a thing about the tv.  Obviously she was loving the singing from this wee lassie on the tv.  

Thanks for reading,  it's lovely to think people would take the time to have a wee read and  any comments would be much appreciated.

17 Aug 2013

Yarndale Bunting

Have you heard of yarndale? If not read herehttp://yarndale.co.uk/   I have been reading about it with interest for a few months now. It sounds like a fantastic community event and I'm very jealous that I won't be able to make the journey down to take part in the woolyness.

I did however make some triangle granny bunting to send down. I love to think something I made will be down there,  hanging with the other bunting that loads of people are making.

You can find the pattern here. http://attic24.typepad.com/weblog/granny-bunting-triangles.html   
Making these was really therapeutic and the crocheted up really quickly.

I used a lot of my spare bits of wool and bought a ball of Wendy Raspberry Pink with some glitter through it.  I really liked it a lot.


This is all 10 of my triangles.  All neatly pressed as per the instructions.  I think my family thought it was a bit strange that I was in the kitchen, iron poised a few millimetres from the triangle that was pinned to the section of mattress.  You know these ikea toddler beds, they come with a small section of mattress you can use to make the bed longer as the wean grows.  That bit!

  All nicely stacked up.


This is my lovely yarndale bag. I bought it online a few months ago and it's now my main project bag.  I just 
love the cheeky wee sheep with all it's crazy colours.

I hope if you get the chance to visit yarndale you will tell me all about it.