30 Aug 2010

Sandys Snuggle Sack

This is my work in progress for my wee girl.  She was commenting on the waffle knit dishcloths I had been knitting for Christmas Presents and said she would like one for Sandy to keep him warm.  Sandy is a Kaloo rabbit but in his 6 years he has spent a large amount of this time in her cute wee hands.  He doesn't go out much now as she is at school but he lies on her bed waiting for her to come home for a cuddle.                                                                           

29 Aug 2010

Lazy Sunday

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Brrr, I'm down the beach blogging on my phone while the kids play but it's a bit chilly. Brought my knitting but it's too cold even for that. The sun keeps teasing us, popping out for a brief moment then darting back behind the clouds. Ooooh, that's enough. My hands need to go back in their pockets.

10 Aug 2010

Some randomness from the week and a wee trip to Arran

Last weekend S, J and little guy decided we would take the ferry over to the beautiful Isle of Arran.  It was looking to be a lovely day and we got the 12.30 crossing from Ardrossan to Brodick.  We would have been earlier but little guy had been up a few times during the night.    The ticket officer told us that we might have bother getting back from Arran as it was the Highland Games and the ferries home would be extra busy but we took our chances even though we were left with only two hours on the Island

My son is wee cheater when it comes to crazy golf.  He really is!!  He is a  ruthless player.  It was good fun though, J is amused at the lengths her brother will go to, to convince her the win was fair.

I have been doing a spot of cooking this week, much to the delight of my husband who still regales in the story of how when I was pregnant with our firstborn, I sat a pot noodle down to him when he came home from work.  At least I had put water in it!! What more do men want?  This recipe was an Asparagus and Panecotta Penne.  Yum yum.  That pic was actually the one I made, not the one the wonderfull Catherine Fulvio made.              http://uktv.co.uk/food/recipe/aid/633516
I have a few wee crafty projects in the pipeline,   one being a waffle dishcloth.  Its looking good and one of the dishcloths is finished, just need to finish the other one, tomorrow fingers crossed.

Oh well, tools down and here's to another busy day,

27 Jul 2010

Bunnykins Love

I wanted to share with you all some of my Bunnykins.  I can remember Bunnykins from when I was small and I have very fond memories of it.  I can't think of a better bowl for some of my favourite buttons.  The plate with the bowl was purchased from a lady at our local market, I was over the moon when I brought them home.

Summer holidays

I am now almost entering into the fourth week of the kids summer holidays.  The first couple of weeks were fine, doing this and that but now the troops are getting restless.  The rain hasn't helped, I think the minute the school bell rang the heavens opened.  Lots of splashyness though.  It seems to have given my wee guy licence to jump in any puddle though regardless of whether he has wellies on or not.

I still have my 2 weeks off of work to get though (4 shifts left ).

I had a few child free hours on Thursday and went on a little mooch round some of the used and vintage shops locally.  I bought this lovely wine glass which can I say holds a bucket full of wine.  Some of the spots need going over but there is glass paint knocking around somewhere for that.  That's my rainbow mug to the side of it. (see be;ow for that sad story.

This find is really my favourite.  I originally picked it because of the weird and funky rabbit design on it but when I got home I noticed the name at the bottom.  Hornsea.  So I duly looked it up on the Internet only to find its an interesting wee piece.   I was in need of a new mug as I broke the handle on my gorgeous rainbow cup. I was gutted about that. 

I am also awaiting  Tuesday morning so I can go and collect what I think is my Bunnykins mug from the post office.  I quite excited about this, I have a feeling it might not be big enough for tea and might need to be an ornament or maybe it could hold my crochet hooks which are eager to be used...., not just yet wee hooks.

13 Jun 2010

Sunday quietness

Its a beautiful day today, truly beautiful considering it was chucking it down with rain most of last night.  The grass is calling to me to give it another haircut but not today, that will need to wait.  I have been sleeping all morning and most of the afternoon.  I was night shift last night I could have slept standing up this morning,  was so sleepy.  My two wee people are decanted out today as my poor recuperating husband is having to work.  He has had the most frightful tummy bug this week and hasn't been well but he seems to be on the mend and went to work today.  Shaggy dog is with my neighbour and shall be collected after I have had some lillypip time to myself.

A wee model railway exhibit.

I havent really much for you in the way of photograpghs today, they are all on my beloved iphone and some on my camera.  I will need to work out how to download them again.  Its been so long since I did so that I cannot remember how.  Thats for another day though, nightshift again tonight so its going to be some muddling and puddling around till them.

Cant wait till the wee folk come home.  I have a feeling that they are getting a nice surprise at grannies today so It will be lovely to see exactly what that is.  Thanks for listening today, It was lovely of you to stop by.  Im off now for a nosey at some of my other favourte blogs to see what some others have been up to.  Laura xx

25 Apr 2010

A change in the weather sadly

I finished work on friday morning ready for a weekend full of sun filled fun. Picked up kids from school and nusery then little miss had dancing that evening. Wine was opened at 7pm approx.

On the saturday we enjoyed a walk along to the plantation park where the kids spent a good hour playing on the two things the park has. Bit sad really how the council dont upkeep these parks properly. On the way back I let the kids pick up the daffodils that other people had picked and discarded, poor things just lying there, really to be trampled but oddly, little guy was so upset as the stem of his broke. Sobbed all the way back (sensitive!!!) and then lay on the couch for a wee while. But soon was back to normal.

The rest of our day consisted of a visit to our neighbours across the way and playing out the back door.

S went out last night so is currently in bed, curled up with a cup of tea and a mild hangover.

Thats all for today


16 Feb 2010

First post

Here I am finally made it to my first posting on my blog. I have read with interest other peoples blogs and have been really inspired by them. Hopefully one day, people may think the same about mine. Today was quite busy. Started off with a trip to the dog groomers. Fourpaws got her monthly bath and clip today. We decided to walk along the beach and it was lovely and fresh, rain didnt start till we were almost there. She was beautiful after pickup, so fluffy.

The afternoon was spent in a softplay area listening to noisy kids full of sugar, our own included.

Not much happened after that except a lovely chip dinner. Yum.