15 Aug 2014

A bloggyness update

Been a while but then my blogging is a bit sporadic. This we know.

What have I been up to.....well a bit of this. I'm quite a keen supporter of the yes campaign for an independent Scotland. This doesn't mean I don't like England or Wales which I very much do and would hate for anyone to think I didn't. So after seeing the letters that are getting crocheted up for yarndale,I've decided that I would do a Yes flag, crocheted. Free Patterns: The Moogly Crochet Alphabet. This is the link to the alphabet. My y is a bit wonky.

Soooo we are almost coming to the end of seven weeks of summer holidays. There has been a lot of minecraft during these holidays. We weren't able to get away this year and it's been days here and there courtesy mostly of the grandparents and a lot of swimming which luckily they love.

We had a trip to Dean Park in Kilmarnock and met these lovely goats. They were a lot nicer to us than they were to each other but we surmised that it was daddy and baby goat and daddy was showing him the ropes. Ermmmm.

The goat decided to have a sniff of Belle who was equally interested. They were comparing grey coats.

It was my birthday during the hols and my lovely husband made me my very own cherry beer. I love cherries. Cherry coke, cherries looses, cherry jewellery etc. The beer was lovely. Didn't last long mind.

The above photo is a selfie I took for a nutri bullet competition. The main prize was a trip to LA but 20 runners up would win a nutri bullet 900. I was a runner up. I am so delighted. I have been wanting one of these for ages but funds would not allow and now there is one on its way to me.

So to round off my blog, first of a few I feel, I need to pay tribute to Robin Williams. My mind just can't register that this lovely, funny happy man is no longer living, breathing on this planet. It's a cold, stark reminder that everyone has their battles inside and often what you see is masking something that hugs can't fix. I always tell my kids I can fix anything with a hug. I hope they understand when they find out that sometimes this isn't true. I started this off last week. I love rainbows. I always loved the rainbow braces on Mork and Mindy. It's a phone cover. I'm using the same pattern / idea that sweet bee buzzing a used for her cushion cover. I will link it up tomorrow when I blog about the cushion I crocheted and depending of when I get up tomorrow (oooops, today) I might even finish the phone cover. I'm still deliberating, sock or cover with buttons.

Anyway, good night everyone and good night Robin Williams.