18 May 2014

Our wet weekend

See my reclaimed, rescued chair.  Isn't it lovely.  I found it one morning when i had arrived at my destination.  The idea was I would park about 10mins away from where I was going then when I was finished I could have a look about the shops before going back.  Well.....arrived and out in the street was this chair and stool upside down.  Not one to not notice these things I had a good look.  I probably should have knocked some doors but it was really early so I stuck it in the back of my car and hey presto, it's here.  Not everyone in the house likes it but my wee guy and dog do, and so do I so that's fine.  The chair is now upstairs in my bedroom where I have a fantastic view right down the other street.

I am revisiting a granny square blanket I started ages ago.  I've no idea where I got the picture to copy from so I'm afraid I can't post back a link but to be fair, by the time I've finished the blanket I will probably remember.

It was health week at the kids school and joe was to design a smoothie.  I'm not sure that custard is exactly healthy but it was low fat and there was strawberry and peach.  The crushed flake on top was not healthy.  At all.  But was lovely.

A speckled egg.  Really speckled. I don't think I've seen many of those.

Loom bands are quote the thing in our house just now.  It's quite addictive and I have even started a few myself under Jessica's expert instruction.  I am trying to do some Attic 24 type colours. Well,  like Lucy's rainbow cup anyhow.  

I have to bid a sad farewell to my Wonder Woman cup.  It had a nasty accident coming out the dishwasher so I told and it is now no longer a working cup,  oh dear.  What I spied from my window yesterday evening was a grown man,  on one of those y flicker scooters.  Off he went down the street.  A bit odd but not that odd,  it was Saturday night after all.

Pacman donut.  It was national donut week so it seemed only right to buy a few of the tasty dudes.  I asked for the sparkly ones much to the bakery assistants amusement.  And here is my jess pulling a face worthy of blogging.  I love her expressions.

I recovered these cushions for a friend.  She had a rocking chair and wanted to recover so I offered. It didn't seem like too massive a job and I think I've done well but the bottoms are a bit untidy, not that you can see. I didn't go with zips,  I wasn't that confident.  I really hope she likes it.  I facebooked her photos so she has seen it but not on her own chair.  This is my reclaimed chair.

This is my latest a finished granny square blanket.  I started it months and months ago,  probably last year?  I spent ages yesterday tying in all the ends as though I thought I had crocheted over a lot, I clearly hadn't.  I used lots of my stash of wool,  which hasn't made must of a dent.  It really hasn't.  I must have had loads.  The square is really big,  it just doesn't look like it.  It's draped over my reclaimed chair up in my bedroom now.  I love that chair.  It's my thinking, blogging and snoozing chair.  Thank you whoever threw it out,  it's made me very happy.

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