4 Nov 2014

Super Sunday. not football related

It's Sunday night again though by the time i post this it will most likely be midweek. 
The last week was super busy getting my people ready for Halloween. Last Saturday we went to the pool. I let them go in by themselves and i sat at the side and read my book. I was finishing off the final bits of tales from a blue bike. 

 I really enjoyed that book, hearing all about Tsh and her lovely family. Im getting more onboard all the time with living more intentionally though in my own way. I do have far less stuff now though than i used to have which is great.

Last Sunday was a quiet day. Really nothing much happened that day at all. 
Monday, work work work.

Tuesday, now this is the exciting bit. We booked a holiday. Our first ever holiday abroad with the kids. Its not till next year but ooooooh I. am. so. excited.  We all are so excited.  We will be off to Lanzarote. I will need to post some links to that once I am on the desk top.

I am still working on my wee guys Halloween costume.  Its cost me zero to make and I got lots of bits of card and cut them out.  Every single one of them.  I must admit it did get a bit labourious but the end result was just perfect.  Well I think so and so does my Joe.

Wednesday was all about the pumpkins.  Stuart had scooped all the innards out the night before so we were free to get creative after work without worrying about the grisly task of scooping and scraping out the middle of the pumpkin.  I really do not like that job and was very glad of the help.

Jessica was totally independent with her choice and took her time with the pumpkin carver.  She done such a good job of her minecraft pumpkin, I was very proud.  Joe picked what he wanted his pumpkin to be but also picked that he wanted me to carve it.  That was fine.  The thought of Joe with even a sharpish instrument worries me slightly though after cutting my thumb open at the age of 17 while making a Halloween costume, i cant really talk.  Zelda was his request.  Im not even sure now what the Zelda thing was but im sure there was an eagle.  I was pretty impressed that I pulled it off.  I should have been happy at that but then decided that I would make mine the Death Star.  Because a working mum of two isnt busy enough you see.  I started it but Stuart finished it. Fair enough.  Half way through the Death Star I got kind of well, bored.   It turned out well though.

Thursday night -  Final prep for the Halloween costume for Joe and out went Jessica to her Halloween party at the Brownies, oops.  Guides.  She was an evil Minnie Mouse.  We got her costume from XS in Irvine.  Jess did not want a handmade costume by mum.

Friday was the big day!  Halloween.  Joe went to my friends house and went round the doors with him.  I went too and was quite mesmerised by how busy the street was.  Where we stay isnt that busy with kids, you might get a few but not compared to what I saw up at my friends.  Jessica went out with her friends under the watchful eye of one of their cousins and a cousins friend.  The got a fair amount of sweeties, very lucky wee people indeed.
Jess decided to put out monkey nuts for the squirrels that sometimes brave our garden but the magpies made short work of the nuts.  They didn't last long at all

Saturday - Lazy day, nothing to report.  Unless you really need to hear about the most delicious black bean I got from the Chinese.

Sunday - Slightly less lazy.  After church the kids went to spend the afternoon while I ironed.  It had  to be done.  And it was all done.  So much so I ran out of coat hanger. Then it was the fireworks.  We were going to go down to the harbour in Saltcoats and see them.  The fair was there so obviously the kids wanted to go on the rides. But just as we got our jackets on to leave the house the heavens opened.  Luckily we are close the harbour so we could see them from the house.  It's nice though to get all wrapped up and take the kids down.  Just not in the driving rain.  I actually don't like the noise of fireworks too much so I was happy to be in the house.

There is one member of our house though who really isn't keen on the fireworks.

Thanks for reading.xx

19 Oct 2014

Autumn is creeping in.

Today was Saturday, one of my favourites. Especially the morning part. i had a few glasses of the red stuff the night before so I enjoyed a nice lie in till 9. Jess came back from her sleepover at 11 then wee Joe and myself went for the shopping. Rolls and slice were bought from the Kandy Bar for lunch.

We made the most of the sunny afternoon by taking a run over to Eglinton Park. Its so cheery and well, colourful. Whatever the season. Poor Belle isn't allowed in the playpark so while the kids played i went a short walk with Belle to see if there were any conkers to be found. Sadly there were none, not even the shells. Im sure I am not early so I can only assume I am way late.

Jessica spotted Scooby doo in the park (no dogs eh) and bagged herself a selfie.

Today was a horrid day, weatherwise. It just rained then was sunny for 10 mins then rained again; repeated throughout the day. Dog didn't want to venture out, kids were dead against going anywhere so a house day it was. We had a visit from the kids granny and grandpa. Granny was just back from a trip to Canada and came with clothes which they were delighted with.
I made soup. I bought a ham hock yesterday and to be honest wasn't too sure what to do with it. The house now reeks of bacon. Too much, too much. I managed to find a recipe then added a few bits of my own. I thought it was just a case of chucking it in with the soup and letting it do its thing but no, i had to take bits off. That bit gives me the heaves. I hate anything I need to pick the meat off. Chicken wings? no thanks. yuck
I then used up the very last of the rhubarb. For my old favourite, a crumble. It was nice but some bits seemed undercooked. The crumble bit was awesome though.

And now im winding down with some of Stuarts homebrewed gingerbread beer. He has made lots of different types now. This one is quite spicy and slower to drink than some of the others but very very nice. How lucky to have my own beer crafter at home.

Cheers, goodnight and thanks for reading.


18 Oct 2014

Dobbies and our Trip to Arran

Hiya, thanks for having a wee read at my blog.  Last week it was the October holidays from school here.  Its been great and I had a few days of work to enjoy the holidays with the kids.  Stuart and I split the week and they went to my mums one day too.

Last Sunday we took run up to Dobbies Garden Centre, near Ayr.  Jess wasn't feeling herself that day and wasn't up for much carry on but she felt better once she was out.  We enjoyed looking round Dobbies Christmas display at the beginning of October.  Some of the things are lovely but i did raise an eye brow at the feather boa for your tree.  Nope, we will just stick with regular decorations.

We had some cakes and coffee and juice and relaxed.  The seats were really comfortable and I could just have sat there for ages and enjoyed the peace while the kids played outside.

I loved that the Jessica and Joseph baubles were together on the display.

If you can spot a wee flash of yellow there, thats my Joe, running past the window and we were pretending we couldn't see him.  Yellow jumper outside in a garden centre, yip, I did tell him that he was a magnet for buzzy things but nothing bothered him at all.

Joe was delighted by the clown fish.  They are quite awesome to look at.

No this monster did not come home with us but the wee yellow one behind it did.

I just loved all these wee Cactus or Cacti as the 10 year old who knows all reminded me.

On the Monday Stuart was working all day so we decided to take the ferry over to Arran.  The ferry is not far from where we stay so we drove down, left the car in a nearby car park and off we went.  It wasn't really warm but it was dry so that was good enough for us.  The dog came too, her first time on a ferry.  She was so well behaved on the ferry and just sat looked at everyone.

Still in Ardrossan Harbour

Goat Fell

Last year when we came to Arran with my mum and sisters these ducks were on a pathway and chased us.  the kids thought this was great so it was a request when we came this time to go back and see the ducks.  The ducks stayed in the lake this time but we still took and paid for some food at the honesty box.  The ducks were happy I think and more appeared from further upstream.

Fishermans walk trail.

We walked back from seeing the ducks through a path we hadn't taken before.  it was called Fishermans walk and took us right along the coastal trail via the golf course.  It was a lovely walk. by the time we got back Joe played some crazy golf, Jess went into the gift shop which seemed to be having a sale and then we headed back for the next ferry.  We were only there for about three hours but that was plenty when it wasn't the warmest day.

8 Oct 2014

What a day

This is a picture less blog.  It's really a bit of a moan but disguised as something else.

Jings, where do I start. Oh I know.  4.30am.  I heard a bedroom door close and feet go down the stairs.  It could only be one child as the other one doesn't move.  Literally all night. But the other child well,  he thought he would go downstairs to play the ds.  I had nodded off thinking he had gone back to bed but no,  he came up at 5.30 to tell me he had kicked over a glass and there was glass everywhere.  So down stairs I stumbled to sweep up glass while half asleep and not in a great mood.

Then I saw the ds sitting on the table,  singing away to its self.  Ragin.  Little guy denied he was playing it so everything got taking off him tonight for fibbing and being up at such a godforsaken hour.

I was a pleasure at work today.  Thank god I got the hard stuff out the way yesterday.

So after work it was parents night.  This turned the day round for me as both teachers gave glowing reports of my wee folk.  Great imaginations (very much) ,  but chatty. (Errrr, that might be my fault) and good at maths (definitely their dads genes).

I came home from work and basically crashed.  Stuart made the dinner and done, well, everything and I slept on the couch.  Got up, had a bath and am now ready for the off again.  I'm hoping to wake up I the morning with super human strength and the fabulous organisational skills.

I'm going to a care and support exhibition with my work tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to take some pics there.

Night night everyone, hope you all get a good sleep.

6 Oct 2014

October catch up.

I'm so excited that finally Octobers here. It's one of my favourite months. September is a bit meh, like November. But October and December rock!
On Wednesday night my mum, my three sisters and myself went to see Still Game at the Hydro in Glasgow. We were so high up but it was still really good. I had heard someone say the next day the Navid had stole the show but I didn't get that impression. Everyone was great.
Before we went to the show, mum took us to TGI Fridays for our dinner. I had a steak and a cocktail. This was the best steak ever. Out waitress was American with this high ponytail. She reminded of the girl from Third Rock from the Sun.
We walked back to Cental Station afterwards. Glasgow really is lovely at night. The BBC building was all lit up and the flats that are on the waterside are great, especially the penthouse flats.
Belle and I put on our doggy walk yesterday. We thought we had just missed a shower but no, it started again whilst we were out but we were down the embankment so didn't get the full force.
I've often wondered where this wee path goes to near the embankment but I'm not going to find out. I'm too wary of quite dark paths so it shall just remain a mystery.
The wee brambles are still on the go. Not many of them granted. I wish I had picked some for my lovely smoothies while there were lots. Never mind, I will get in there early for next year.
Mr S had a chicken pie for lunch yesterday, it was so funny with its wee sad face.
I got the last of the rhubarb and what was left of our apples for making a crumble. The colder weather is certainly upon us and I doubt I will get anymore rhubarb this year. The apple tree gave up her last remaining apple on Thursday so that's that. The crumble was amazing. No photos of that though, it's long gone.
I've been busy crocheting lots of pumpkins and some cakes for the Macmillan sale at my work that was held last week. Apart from crumbles and fairy cakes my baking skills are limited so I decided to crochet cakes. As usuaI haven't got a complete list of the blogs I got the patterns from, but i will track them down. Lion brand website was definitely one of them.
Now I'm just busy doing wee pumpkins for the Halloween bags.
What's everyone else up to?