23 Feb 2013

My new nails.  In an effort to stop biting I had shellac applied in a glittery red colour.  So far so good, ive not bitten them and the shellac has been reapplied as my nails grow quite quick.. Its getting tricky to type now as my nails as so long but I am loving them.  Its the first time that they have been really long.  Like ever! Like Taylor Swift ever!

 This is my sister Emma, one of my three wee sisters.

We got some pictures at the Paloma Faith concert at the O2 in Glasgow last month.  The concert was great though poor Paloma had a sore throat.  It never altered the quality of her voice though.  There was nearly a fight though in the crowd, this lassie kept shouting really loud and had had quite a few drinks, then, the lassie in front started to get really annoyed at this and had words.  Well, it got heated after that then calmed down.

Dog n daffs

Im quite happy after my nightshift to cuddle up with my furry friend  

Ive been working on a triple layer flower as found on Lucys Blog  

Stuarts ,made a clock from scratch using things I dont really know much about.  All i know is that he worked hard on it and it now works and he is very pleased with it.  It plays that game pong on it as part of the display.

The dog gets comfy in the oddest of positions 

My wee guy and I give it some duck face. 

The dog thinks if she sits and stares at me for long enough then I will share some breakfast. Wrong.

And now my lunch.  I crocheted this mainly because I wanted something with the spring coloured wool I bought.  I liked granny squares as I can just get lost in them a bit.

Dont ask about the weight watchers.

11 Feb 2013


Best time of day to be snuggled in bed with a cup of tea.

And of course a bearded collie.

I've just snuck up and stuck out the recycle bin took the dog across the road for a widdle and now I'm staying here under these covers till 8am.
We have a very busy day off, new house visiting, 3d cinema going and maybe a Burger King visit.

I'm quite excited that this week the children are off for shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday so we can do pancakes and prepare for lent during the day instead of after school.

Have a lovely day x

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