25 Apr 2010

A change in the weather sadly

I finished work on friday morning ready for a weekend full of sun filled fun. Picked up kids from school and nusery then little miss had dancing that evening. Wine was opened at 7pm approx.

On the saturday we enjoyed a walk along to the plantation park where the kids spent a good hour playing on the two things the park has. Bit sad really how the council dont upkeep these parks properly. On the way back I let the kids pick up the daffodils that other people had picked and discarded, poor things just lying there, really to be trampled but oddly, little guy was so upset as the stem of his broke. Sobbed all the way back (sensitive!!!) and then lay on the couch for a wee while. But soon was back to normal.

The rest of our day consisted of a visit to our neighbours across the way and playing out the back door.

S went out last night so is currently in bed, curled up with a cup of tea and a mild hangover.

Thats all for today