11 Jun 2014

A lunch time walk?

Would you like to come a wee lunchtime walk with me? It was such a gorgeous day today really sunny and warm. I popped the headphones in put my art of simple podcast, episode 67 and off I went.

My morning had been full of spreadsheets and phone calls so it was a welcome relief to get out for a wee while, a walk along the sea wall. I sometimes don't think we appreciate where we stay enough. Mi sometimes hear people say of Saltcoats "oh we used to go there when we were wee". Well I have it 24 / 7 and I love it.

Straight onto the harbour prom. The sea water looked lovely and calm today.



Walking still along the harbour wall I can see right over to Ayr.


Look at these cute wee duckies. My neighbour who looks after my dog has told me about these and other birds that she and her husband have spotted down at the harbour wall. I think they have also saw a cormorant.


The Arran ferry was just leaving the Ardrossan Harbour to make one of it's many trips back and forth that day.

I reached a lovely grassy area and this notion to walk across with my bare feet. It was so warm and I had my fit flops on anyway. The grass felt lovely underfoot and with the lovely Tsh chattering away in my ear I popped my fit flops back on and went back to work via the lovely fruit stall. The cherries from this guy are amazing. The best.

Thanks for coming a walk with me in Saltcoats at lunchtime.


8 Jun 2014

Some random photos and thoughts

I'm having a relatively early night. My mind is full of thoughts though. Tomorrow my oldest is 10. Where has the time gone. She is turning into such a lovely girl though we have the stroppy side to contend with but I'm sure that goes with the territory.

I have the most amazing minecraft cake for tomorrow. It's just awesome, made by someone I know through someone at work.

My wee boy is still only 7 for a few months. I love having them this age. I don't sit and wish for their baby years again, I don't know why, I just don't.

I'm not a clucky person with other babies, I like a hold and a cuddle knowing when they cry, it's back to mummy.

Gorgeous wee people, such fun to be around.

Time for sleep now. Zzzzzzzzzz




Belle photo overload

Wasn't today a lovely day in between the showers. Even through there was sporadic showers up till just after lunchtime I still managed to get three loads of washing dry. Result!

Joe and I went to the park with the dog. I was ditched though the minute we got there in favour of a footballing friend. Never mind, belle and I went and chilled out near where the boys were playing.

Now time for a belle photo overload. I just love her to bits.




7 Jun 2014

A week in pictures.

This week in pictures is the week before last. It's been a busy time, buying a new fridge/ freezer, working and going to concerts. We went to see one direction on Tuesday but I will post about that another day as I still have a gazillion photos to sort through. Daughter took quite a lot of the persons head in front.

Last Saturday was a really gorgeous day. It was so warm and sunny. We too the dog down to the beach park and the kids played while the dog and I played. Lots of people down with their dogs and I met one of my neighbours with her own dog and a dog she was dog sitting.


Then the ice cream van arrived and it was 99's all round.

Sunday was a busy day for us too. Joe got baptised that day. I had never had him baptised as a baby, long story but we go to church very Sunday and his first communion is next year. It was a lovely service and the priest made it lovely for joe and his friend who was also being baptised.

We also had a friends first communion.

Trying to take a picture of ourself. I've fell out with the word se**ie. it's irritating the bones of me now. No more please.


Not much crafty stuff to report on. I need to get that sorted. My daughter is 10 on Monday. How did that happen?