26 Jun 2011

Randoms and Take That.

I said I would try and blog regularly and I shall. I've had a busy wee week what with sports day, shopping for crafty supplies and of course Take That.

Yes, I did go to see them at Hampden but no, I didn't thrown out or fall over drunk and miss a single iota of their hunkiness. I was the driver ( from a station not near hampden) and had two sisters to steer to the bus/train/car.

The concert was amazing. What more can I say.

Anyway, my wee girl spotted this while we were walking back to the car from school. We thought it was cute and it just made us smile.

I'm off back to bed, it's my weekend of night shifts.

Thanks for reading, I would love to know if anyone does, haha.

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20 Jun 2011

Healthy week

This week you find us trying to be healthy. At the kids school they have named this week health week and all week they will be running a 'walking bus'. As we drive to school as staying in a different town we drove to the walk point and joined the walking bus from there. It was a lovely change and the kids were all chirping away and holding hands as they trotted up to the school.

My daughter had her dance show and the sight of all those girls dancing, so fit and full of energy has encouraged me to do more exercise. Maybe going to try some more zumba, I like dancing and it's not too bad to follow. I can always try the DVD if I'm too embarrassed in the classes.

I wonder what all of you are doing to be healthy just now?

19 Jun 2011

Trying new things

Having one computer in the house which four people are eager to use often presents problems. Which is why I don't blog that much but have loads of photos. I'm going to try sending this from my iPhone with a wee pic and see if it works. Fingers crossed.

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16 Jun 2011

Back again.

Im back again.  Im on holiday this week and the break from the nightshift routine has freed up some time for dipping back into blogging.  I love to take pics and post them on facebook but sometimes feel that its not the place for a mini blog.

Today I listened to my first podcast.  knitmoregirls   I saw others talking about it in different blogs and I really enjoyed listening to them.  So then i downloaded a electric sheep podcast and took the dog a nice long walk.  Didnt take my usual route which slightly foxed the dog but I was away in a wee world of my own.

Got my nails done today.  A bit of an extravagance I don't usually indulge in but a friend who gets her nails done recommended shellac and I have to say that so far i am impressed.  Up till recently I have been a biter and as a treat for letting them grow and not biting them I got the fire engine red shellac.  Love it, they are so shiny :) 

This is my stash.   Its bigger than i thought given it was only in three boxes.  I was watching a programme about hoarding and could identify a bit about buying things 'just in case'.  So I cleared the kitchen table and laid it all out.  Im ashamed to say there were a few that dont even have the ball band off of them.  Still, it didnt stop me buying more yarn when I went to West Kilbride today.  oh yes, I bought more.

This is my Clover Bow maker and one of my bows I made.  I am going to have massive amounts of fun with this.  I am never going to have to buy bows again though ask me after Christmas if Im still finding it as much fun.  Might start thinking about Christmas soon so I dont get a massive panic on.

Inside these bags are cakes.  A couple of pies and some tattie scones. Yum yum.  Everyone in our house has their favourite except me.  Im a cake tart, I never get the same thing.  I can never understand how my wee girl always wants a biscuit when a cream cake is on offer.  I would have loved that choice when I was wee.

This is the first blog I have done on the mac and its way easier and faster so hopefully i will learn my way round and blog more.  Hope so.