13 May 2014

The last few weeks goings on

Yes, going to the beach is lots of fun with a dog.  Even when the dog goes in the water then comes out and rolls in the sand.  And repeats this several times.

My belle boo looks a bit wild there.  She almost looks as though she can fly.

My other half has been making home brew by a company called Brooklyn Brewshop. This was a porter IPA and it was lovely.  So tasty and not to mention strong.  I drank maybe less than half and woah!  legs were feeling a bit weird, haha.  2 bottles later was party time.  Plus I didn't have sore head the next day either which is always a bonus.

The slightly less than enthusiastic litter picker

My wee family all taking part in the beach clean.  The Eco council for the school organised this for a few weeks ago and it was quite a success.  The poor beach does get a bit of litter and it's not because there aren't bins.  Some people are lazy.

Our local firestation had an open day with lots of emergency vehicles for the kids to see and ride on if appropriate.  The favourite though was this old fire engine.  It had a really loud horn and it was going off a lot!

I can't even get for a bath thee days without my belle at my side.  I'm surprised she hasn't tried to jump in.

Nothing quite like a Maeve Binch novel.  This is a lovely collection of stories.  I'm pacing myself,  just a few at a time.i can't believe there will be no more.  Over the years I have read many, if not all of her wonderful books.

Smoothie time.  I try to have a fruit smoothie every day.  I think this one was spinach, celery, blackberries, banana, yogurt and something else but I can't remember.

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