18 Apr 2013

Jaunt to Glasgow

Went a wee jaunt to Glasgow on Thursday to have lunch with my friend Jim then back to the garage to see my old work colleagues. It was a lovely lunch in Coias Cafe on Alexandra Parade, had a tasty Caesar salad then a strong latte.

Enjoyed a little bit of mitt knitting on the train and some iPad action. Oh and a mars bar, I was starving after the gym.
It was lovely to catch up with folk I haven't seen for ages.
On the way home I phoned John Lewis to ask about a top for my wee boy for the Beavers. Well, it wasn't easy trying to explain to the woman on the phone it wasn't a top with a beaver on it. My Scottish accent was a bit lost on the polite call centre attendant. I got the top after walking up to the shop. Hopefully it will make him a bit more happy about joining in when he is there. He is a bit shy.

Stopped off in Yo Sushi for some....... sushi. It was yum.

Got myself a lovely pink case for my iPad mini.
Then off to Starbucks for a large latte with an extra shot.
Then back to the train. Got on the train, feeling quite pleased I had a seat. then the doors closed. The lights went off and a guy walked by with a next train beyond this sign. Panic!!!! There were a few other folk all up at the door. Luckily, once they uncoupled the trains, it was okay and the doors opened but I didn't fancy getting stuck on the train with a guy that was already pissed off because he had missed the last one. He recounted to the other passengers how unfair it was that they hadn't let him on the last train but the train was moving while he was running up the platform. Nae luck mate.

15 Apr 2013

Project Simplify 2013 Part 1 - Shelves


This week was the week for shelves. These shelves were getting on my nerves for a while now. More so because I could see them from outside too. Things just tend to get stuffed in there rather than taken to bedrooms not that I'm pointing any fingers. The kids were quite amused at their daddy's collection of vinyl. So it began, out came the bin bags and piles were soon being made. 
I sort of got a little help from this guy.  Well, not so much a help as him throwing one thing out then sifting through the rest of the items. 


This is so much better.  I know where things are, the big door on the right hand side is back on after me thinking a few years ago it would be a good idea to take it off.  Lots of fiddly bits chucked out and things, paper and magazines sent to the recycle.  Phew!

Now, to tackle week 2.

14 Apr 2013

Edinburgh Zoo post by Jessica

Jessica has been asking about blogs and what kind of things I post and could she have a shot at it. So I have uploaded the pictures of our Trip to Edinburgh Zoo to let her have a wee go at it. She is my guest poster.

We arrived at Edinburgh Zoo on Thursday 11th of April , we had to travel on two trains and a very busy bus to get to our destination! Phew,a lot of traveling!!!

 The first animal we saw was the Painted Hunting Dogs.I was very disapointed because they were sleeping. Lazy dogs!!! :-[

 The lemurs were very cute. It was when the zoo keeper got their food they came out. I thought they looked like giant squirrels :-]

 The monkeys were absolute NUTS! They could be circus  gymnasts if they wanted to! OOH OOH AHH AHH!!!

 That looks fun.Hey monkey,give me a shot!

 Hippos lounging in the pool doing nothing. They must have a VERY relaxing life.

 MEERKAT TIME!!! [They bark like dogs.]

 Compare the meerkat .com compare the market .com simples!!! [did I get that right?]

Meerkats back again... Zzzzzzzzz

This one dosen't look very happy. I wonder why...

 Hello my little meerkats!

 I wonder who's hiding in this hole???

Ahhhhhh, thats nice... A bear loves his back scratch. 

 Yeah, lunch time! I wonder whats on the menu today...hmmmm

 YES!!! I love oranges.Like all Sun Bears. Duuuuh

 My little brother Joe showing of his mad climbing skills. Go Joe!!

Me and Emma on a sky activity wooden rope thing or whatever you want to call it. P.S I don't recommend it to wimps or small children. 

Emma on the wooden planks. You literally had to shimy across it. 

 Joe the gymnast is back!!! WOAH!!!

The penguin parade was good but it only had 5 penguins in it  :-[ 



 GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The king penguin is here!

 Joe the gymnast with some random penguins. They were actually quite fast.

 The penguin pool! Swim penguins SWIM!!!

 The Rhinos are coming! They are Indian One Horned Rhinos. Very interesting to know.

 Weird baboons. Their butts look funny. :-o

 ROAR! I'm the lion king! You are under my power!!!

 Can you spot the tigers in the distance...I'm over here!

 Go zebras! I wonder if they paint their stripes on. Hmmmm

 The lions like having there little conversations. I wonder what the say to each other cause all I can here is growl growl.

 Lazy koala bears. They sleep 23 hours a day!!!


Another zebra conversation.

 STILL snoring!!!

 Look at the pretty pink flamingos. From here they look like candyfloss. Yum.

 Candyfloss candyfloss. It makes me feel hungry now.

Oops. Wheres the car???

13 Apr 2013

Day out in Arran

On Saturday the 6th April we all went a wee trip to Arran minus husband who was working and my sister Emma who stayed with the Westie two.  It was a great day, we walked all the way to Brodick Castle, me fed some ducks, ran from some geese and had some tea and scones on the way back.  

Here is some of the photos from our lovely day.

The view from The Arran Ferry just before we left the harbour

Family photo on the Ferry. 

 Brodick Harbour
 Goat Fell

Time out for a little knitting while others played crazy golf. 
 The Arran Ferry again from further along Brodick.

 The kids sneaking off down the rocks hoping that I haven't saw them.
On our way to Brodick Castle there was a bit where you could feed the ducks for 50p.  We thought we would stop and feed the cute wee ducks.
 A few ducks having a wee kiss.
Then quite a few more ducks appeared. 
Then a big noisy goose and its pal appeared.  Mum held her hand
out to it with some duck food but it wasnt quite as friendly as the ducks were and we now know it has teeth. 
We were alright as long as the geese were behind the fence but
one worked out how to get beyond the fence.  It was time to leave at that point. 

 Hey!!!!  Arran Aromatics.  Music to my ears.
Of course it would have been rude not to go in to  Arran Aromatics.  I bought a lovely hand soother for my sandpaper hands and im pleased to say its sort of working. It was Grapefruit and Cardamon.  I also bought baby barrier cream for my hands as I have heard its quite good for irritable hands.
 These were outside the Arran Cheese Shop.
I suppose you could assume this belongs to the cheese shop/

 Down the big slide together.
 Grouse Spotted!
More Goat Fell.  The views were really quite stunning.

More feeding the ducks.  They were so friendly and greedy.