9 May 2013

Stashbusting and bank holidays



I've started a new blanket using a mixture of techniques I've picked up from the internet, mainly Attic 24 and little tin bird I have lots of smallish balls of wool in all different colours, not really big enough for any project except this one.   Even though I have picked out so many colours for this blanket there are so many more, even after Ive taken out the purples for the blanket below. They are pram blanket sized, maybe a touch bigger.   Ive been using the join as you go method which for me is better as it drives me crazy joining them at the end, squares get lost and found later once the item is finished and i just find the whole thing a bit tidier.
I cant just be doing one blanket at once, there has to be more on the go.  So out of the aforementioned stash here comes some purple.  This is coming together beautifully, I am so pleased with it.  I was maybe going to put it on Etsy or ebay but erm,   it might have to stay with me.

Went to Ayr on the bank holiday Sunday and done some Waterstones shopping. The main thing we went for was shopping for white shoes for holy communion in a few weeks time but my goodness it was difficult to get white shoes.  Ivory, no problem, we could have got those in the first shop but white, the las shop.  I dont even have them yet, I need to go back to Ayr at the weekend.
 And this was what madam bought.
Skint knees on the Monday.  Scooter related incident. 
Made all better by a McFlurry. 
 Rainy bank holidays are perfect for lego building!
Doggy walks after school on the warmest day we have had so far.  Its rained on and off since that day, a few days ago.  I hope that wasnt our summer.  Please dont let that be it.  

 Dont you just love the pattern on this tiramisu, it reminds me of one of my favourite things, granny squares!!

Thanks for reading.