25 May 2014


Tonight's the night! I'm starting off with my slimpod. It's a downloadable mp3 which helps you to lose weight. It's very short in length, about 8 mins per slimpod but that's all it takes.

I tried it before and it had good results, but then I started missing a night as I was tired and didn't give it the full chance though I know it will work. So tonight I'm starting again. I feel in the right, positive frame of mind for it, so let do it.




22 May 2014

Remembering my dad.

Today it is 2 years since my dad passed away. It's a day I start to dread at the beginning of May. It's like the countdown to being faced with a memory of the worst day ever. 22nd May, I despise you.

Thursday is a busy day at work and I work in Largs on a Thursday morning, out my own office. To be honest, I never asked for it off but I'm sure they would have allowed it.

Minuting a meeting is hard when you are thinking about the timeline of that day.

I wrote a lot more about that day but then deleted it. It's my memories but it's also my sisters and my mums memories. That's for them.

My wee boy went his p1 school trip that day. I had just dropped him off and waited for the bus to leave. I had just came off nightshift. It was walking bus week. All these memories that came to me throughout the day.

Love you dad xx




20 May 2014

Thank you flowers

Today I got the most beautiful bunch of flowers delivered to my work as a thank you from my friend for finishing off her cushions.


They smell absolutely fantastic. I love all the flowers but particularly the Lillie's. When I got married, in the hotel at night there were Lillie's and the memory just sticks.




19 May 2014

Lunchtime and beyond

Five days a week I work in an office, sitting down, being busy. So I really should get out more at lunch time. So today I did. My office is only 2 mins from the coast line any way so I popped my simple life podcast on and took Tsh a wee walk with me. (Tsh Oxenrider is the simple life podcaster, I was walking solo, lol). It was really quite warm today at lunchtime and I just strolled along.
Saltcoats harbour. This bit was lovely and stripy green, with all the moss and rock pools. See the boats in the distance, waiting for their turn to dock at Hunterston.
Walking along a bit, bit less green and more rocky.
Lovely blue sky and a lovely view.
Can you see the jet skier? That looked like great fun.
And back up off the shore road to the war memorial. Another 5 mins and I was back at my desk.....
These pictures were taken about five minutes apart. The weather is foul here tonight . Can you see the picture above to the left. There is a boat sitting there on the horizon. Probably one of the boats that is in the pictures I took earlier at lunchtime. As well as working near the sea, I'm also lucky enough to live near it too.

This was taken about 7.30 tonight just after the thunder started and it's still going. There have been some pretty big flashes, really big and even bigger bangs. I've never seen anything like it. In the background of this picture you can see Cannon Hill Castle in the neighbouring town, Ardrossan.

A rainbow has a cheek to put in a short appearance.

And then Stuart though he would go put for a run. Mental, there is Noah I would go out in that which is why Stuart is going to go and pick my sister up from work as I jump ten feet every time there is a flash. Not good for driving with both hands on the wheel.

Thanks for reading my blog, I'm really touched to see so many page views.


18 May 2014

Our wet weekend

See my reclaimed, rescued chair.  Isn't it lovely.  I found it one morning when i had arrived at my destination.  The idea was I would park about 10mins away from where I was going then when I was finished I could have a look about the shops before going back.  Well.....arrived and out in the street was this chair and stool upside down.  Not one to not notice these things I had a good look.  I probably should have knocked some doors but it was really early so I stuck it in the back of my car and hey presto, it's here.  Not everyone in the house likes it but my wee guy and dog do, and so do I so that's fine.  The chair is now upstairs in my bedroom where I have a fantastic view right down the other street.

I am revisiting a granny square blanket I started ages ago.  I've no idea where I got the picture to copy from so I'm afraid I can't post back a link but to be fair, by the time I've finished the blanket I will probably remember.

It was health week at the kids school and joe was to design a smoothie.  I'm not sure that custard is exactly healthy but it was low fat and there was strawberry and peach.  The crushed flake on top was not healthy.  At all.  But was lovely.

A speckled egg.  Really speckled. I don't think I've seen many of those.

Loom bands are quote the thing in our house just now.  It's quite addictive and I have even started a few myself under Jessica's expert instruction.  I am trying to do some Attic 24 type colours. Well,  like Lucy's rainbow cup anyhow.  

I have to bid a sad farewell to my Wonder Woman cup.  It had a nasty accident coming out the dishwasher so I told and it is now no longer a working cup,  oh dear.  What I spied from my window yesterday evening was a grown man,  on one of those y flicker scooters.  Off he went down the street.  A bit odd but not that odd,  it was Saturday night after all.

Pacman donut.  It was national donut week so it seemed only right to buy a few of the tasty dudes.  I asked for the sparkly ones much to the bakery assistants amusement.  And here is my jess pulling a face worthy of blogging.  I love her expressions.

I recovered these cushions for a friend.  She had a rocking chair and wanted to recover so I offered. It didn't seem like too massive a job and I think I've done well but the bottoms are a bit untidy, not that you can see. I didn't go with zips,  I wasn't that confident.  I really hope she likes it.  I facebooked her photos so she has seen it but not on her own chair.  This is my reclaimed chair.

This is my latest a finished granny square blanket.  I started it months and months ago,  probably last year?  I spent ages yesterday tying in all the ends as though I thought I had crocheted over a lot, I clearly hadn't.  I used lots of my stash of wool,  which hasn't made must of a dent.  It really hasn't.  I must have had loads.  The square is really big,  it just doesn't look like it.  It's draped over my reclaimed chair up in my bedroom now.  I love that chair.  It's my thinking, blogging and snoozing chair.  Thank you whoever threw it out,  it's made me very happy.

14 May 2014

Book Club Books

WLast year I joined a book club.  I was looking for something to challenge me a bit.  Something different from watching repeats of the same shows on BBC3.  I have a thing about watching obsessive compulsive programmes but that in itself was becoming an obsession of its own.

So, I joined a book club in Glasgow, at an Oxfam Bookshop that my cousin runs.

The first book we read was a biggie  Bring up the bodies, Hilary Mantel  I cheated a bit though, I downloaded it and listened to it while I was dog walking.  Perfect!  I really enjoyed that book.  Wasn't sure at first if it was going to be my cup of tea but it was all about a challenge, wasn't it.

The second book I am struggling to remember. It might come back to me.

The one after that, Birdsong by Sebastian-Faulks  I really loved that book.  I must have been very ignorant about the first world war.  I just didn't realise.  Of course it was a war and people were going to get killed but the way they were sent out into the fields and there was no plan.  Just killing. Its hard to put into words.

Then we read The Crimson Petal and the White  Didn't like it at all.  Not one bit.  Read two chapters and that was enough.

Second last up was The Power and the Glory, Graham Greene.  Im still reading this.  Well I say still, I have went back to it.  I didn't get a chance to read it in time for the discussion at the book club but when they were talking about it and all the sections they liked, it gave me a taste to read it.  I have finished the book we got last week  Fahrenheit-451 already.  In under 1 week.  Yes, I am very pleased with myself for that one.  I thought this book was very thought provoking.  A bit scary to think it was written a while ago and yet today there are similarities.  People do go at 100 miles an hour through life.  Not me, couldn't be bothered moving much faster than I do.

So thats us up to date with the book club action.  Three weeks till the next meeting so I may have the Power and the Glory finished by then.  I do have a cheeky other book an the go that I downloaded tonight though so I may have to go between the two.

What I love about using a talking book is that I can crochet and listen, walk and listen,  just sit and listen but I can't listen in bed or I fall asleep. 

13 May 2014

The last few weeks goings on

Yes, going to the beach is lots of fun with a dog.  Even when the dog goes in the water then comes out and rolls in the sand.  And repeats this several times.

My belle boo looks a bit wild there.  She almost looks as though she can fly.

My other half has been making home brew by a company called Brooklyn Brewshop. This was a porter IPA and it was lovely.  So tasty and not to mention strong.  I drank maybe less than half and woah!  legs were feeling a bit weird, haha.  2 bottles later was party time.  Plus I didn't have sore head the next day either which is always a bonus.

The slightly less than enthusiastic litter picker

My wee family all taking part in the beach clean.  The Eco council for the school organised this for a few weeks ago and it was quite a success.  The poor beach does get a bit of litter and it's not because there aren't bins.  Some people are lazy.

Our local firestation had an open day with lots of emergency vehicles for the kids to see and ride on if appropriate.  The favourite though was this old fire engine.  It had a really loud horn and it was going off a lot!

I can't even get for a bath thee days without my belle at my side.  I'm surprised she hasn't tried to jump in.

Nothing quite like a Maeve Binch novel.  This is a lovely collection of stories.  I'm pacing myself,  just a few at a time.i can't believe there will be no more.  Over the years I have read many, if not all of her wonderful books.

Smoothie time.  I try to have a fruit smoothie every day.  I think this one was spinach, celery, blackberries, banana, yogurt and something else but I can't remember.