29 Jun 2012


Today was the day that school finished for the holidays. Six and a half weeks of play, adventure, kids clubs and fun. Well, that's the plan. Hopefully this rain will go some other place.

I was letting them watch high school musical while dinner was on and my son came and asked ' did you watch HSM when you were little. I explained that Grease was our thing but at his age I was watching rainbow and sooty. I can't imagine I would have been allowed to see grease at 5 though.

So, anyway, I fired up you tube and put on a episode of Rainbow. A particular favourite of my sister, the pirate episode. He loved it, especially Bungle. What's not to love about a big brown bear.

I've finished 50 shades and have now purchased the second. I haven't enjoyed a book that much for a while. Plus, I think I'm getting towards the end of 'the help' on my audio book. Sometimes when in listening to it I think it was way further back in time but it was only forty years ago.

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