5 Jun 2012

Goodbye dad

Two weeks today a bit of my world collapsed. My dad died.  Its very weird to think that you don't have a dad.  One minute you do and one minute you don't.  I know I still have a dad really but he just isn't here any more.  It was so quick.  Age 55 is far to young to leave, what things more were there for him to do and see.  He liked the warmer weather.

Dad liked to garden and so do I though I'm more scared of the buzzy things than he.  Ive got lots of bedding plants and my veg patch to attend to.  I do so love to see the veg growing, especially the cut and come again lettuce, lol.

I have finished the baby granny square blanket for a friend and hopefully will get up to see her next week at some point.  I have also finished another blanket I started 8 years ago, lol, when Jessica was in my tummy.  I was knitting this one but since having discovered crochet I now don't like knitting as much as I used to.  So the Jessica blanket has been finished off in crochet.    I have told her I shall be putting it away safe for when she has little people of her own. I will post pics of these later.

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