16 Jun 2012

What Laura did next.....

This weather today is just horrible.  Nothing will get done in the garden today.  Not one thing.  The dog doesn't even want to go out which I can quite understand.  At least the plants and the new veg I put in my vegetable corner will be getting a good drink.  Maybe next time I go out the carrots might have started to have made an appearance.  I though I saw green the other day but I didn't have my exray specs on.  Hmmm.

For a while now I have been eyeing up the amiguruami patterns on ravelry to see what patterns I could have a go at. I have a little time on my hands just now and after what happened to dad I'm trying to keep busy and keep my mind even busier.  The first one is the one with the eyes.  I got these eyes on one of my charity shop hunts.  I have two wee jars of weird eyes. I have no safety fasteners for the back of them though so for this project I had to get the glue gun out.  I love getting the glue gun out,  'that guy' always looks a bit concerned.
Credit for these wee critters go to   amigurumi dust bunny pattern by Kate E Hancock

I am actually now on dust bunny number 2.  Im finding the wee blighters incredibly moreish.  I shall post some pics when I have added the eyes.

This is how last Sunday lunchtime was spent.  The kids were at granny and grampas for a few hours, that guy was at work so I got out the fine china, haha, and settled down to do some more work on my granny stripe cushion.  I had started a granny stripe blanket but my attention span is limited and so after a few rows I wasn't quite liking it.  So I frogged it and started a cushion instead.

This is a wee bit of the veg patch.  Some salary thing, big rhubarb bush to the side and there are new things in not in the picture, some tomatoes (not got good history on the ole tomatoes).

Spicing up the custard a wee bit with some edible glitter and chic chips.  Kids loved it.

My wee guy with one of mums dogs.  I really feel for the poor dogs, they must be wondering where my dad has gone.  Hard to explain to wee doggies. 

The newest members of our home, Coco and Rocky.  Two male guinea pigs that my wee girl got for her birthday.  They are an absolute delight.  They truly are :)

And of course there is no show, or blog, without punch.  A bit of beardie luvin for you.
Thanks for reading.

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