17 Jun 2012

Today I bought cheesecake

Today was fathers day. Which is a bit of an odd day when your dad isn't here anymore. Still I braved the card shelves to get the kids a card to give their daddy. I got one for my wee papa as well.

We went down to visit my grandparents today, the kids and two of my sisters which is all the spaceship could seat. I must confess, the focus is good on the bypass. Zoooooom. But not over 70. Of course not.

I bought that guy and me some cheesecake and we ate it much later as he took our girl to see Jaws. Our boy and I just chilled. He didn't want to see a shark in action and to be honest, I wasn't fussed either. I'm spoilt with 3d.

I also fitted in some crochet, ironing and photo sorting.
Well, goodnight. Have a wee swatch at my cheesecake, yumyumyum.

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