7 Dec 2012

Ive been having quite a productive few weeks project wise.  Ive been working on a wee bit of this  

 This was a baby blanket for my cousins wee baby boy.  Its all finished now and keeping him warm.  I forgot to get a final picture before it went over to him.

  This is a pennant / bunting style  decoration ive made.  I first saw it in Attic 24 and really wanted to make it such is my love of making bunting.  It really didn't take me that long and instead of felt for the letters I used some of my vast selection of buttons.  Any excuse for getting my glue gun out.

Now for my granny square blanket, which is in fact for my own granny.  I wish I had tied in my ends as I went along.  Ive spent ages tying them all in over the last week and scunnered myself with them slightly.  The pattern came from Heathers blog Little Tin Bird

I have been taking a different route on my doggie walks in the morning due to having access to a car that can accommodate a dog in the boot.  All the following pictures are from Cannonhill, Ardrossan in the morning.  All taken at the same time but from different parts of the hill.

 Across from Ardrossan right the way over to the Apollo in Saltcoats
 The windfarm
Arran ferry coming in, a wee bit late I think that day. 

The Castle.  Its currently under going Heritage work.  My dad had been going to the meetings about it.  Its a really lovely old castle and lovely to walk around.  You can see it from a lot of places in Ardrossan and Saltcoats.  The Castle, the high flats and the wind farm, the three landmarks I suppose.

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