19 Oct 2014

Autumn is creeping in.

Today was Saturday, one of my favourites. Especially the morning part. i had a few glasses of the red stuff the night before so I enjoyed a nice lie in till 9. Jess came back from her sleepover at 11 then wee Joe and myself went for the shopping. Rolls and slice were bought from the Kandy Bar for lunch.

We made the most of the sunny afternoon by taking a run over to Eglinton Park. Its so cheery and well, colourful. Whatever the season. Poor Belle isn't allowed in the playpark so while the kids played i went a short walk with Belle to see if there were any conkers to be found. Sadly there were none, not even the shells. Im sure I am not early so I can only assume I am way late.

Jessica spotted Scooby doo in the park (no dogs eh) and bagged herself a selfie.

Today was a horrid day, weatherwise. It just rained then was sunny for 10 mins then rained again; repeated throughout the day. Dog didn't want to venture out, kids were dead against going anywhere so a house day it was. We had a visit from the kids granny and grandpa. Granny was just back from a trip to Canada and came with clothes which they were delighted with.
I made soup. I bought a ham hock yesterday and to be honest wasn't too sure what to do with it. The house now reeks of bacon. Too much, too much. I managed to find a recipe then added a few bits of my own. I thought it was just a case of chucking it in with the soup and letting it do its thing but no, i had to take bits off. That bit gives me the heaves. I hate anything I need to pick the meat off. Chicken wings? no thanks. yuck
I then used up the very last of the rhubarb. For my old favourite, a crumble. It was nice but some bits seemed undercooked. The crumble bit was awesome though.

And now im winding down with some of Stuarts homebrewed gingerbread beer. He has made lots of different types now. This one is quite spicy and slower to drink than some of the others but very very nice. How lucky to have my own beer crafter at home.

Cheers, goodnight and thanks for reading.


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