6 Oct 2014

October catch up.

I'm so excited that finally Octobers here. It's one of my favourite months. September is a bit meh, like November. But October and December rock!
On Wednesday night my mum, my three sisters and myself went to see Still Game at the Hydro in Glasgow. We were so high up but it was still really good. I had heard someone say the next day the Navid had stole the show but I didn't get that impression. Everyone was great.
Before we went to the show, mum took us to TGI Fridays for our dinner. I had a steak and a cocktail. This was the best steak ever. Out waitress was American with this high ponytail. She reminded of the girl from Third Rock from the Sun.
We walked back to Cental Station afterwards. Glasgow really is lovely at night. The BBC building was all lit up and the flats that are on the waterside are great, especially the penthouse flats.
Belle and I put on our doggy walk yesterday. We thought we had just missed a shower but no, it started again whilst we were out but we were down the embankment so didn't get the full force.
I've often wondered where this wee path goes to near the embankment but I'm not going to find out. I'm too wary of quite dark paths so it shall just remain a mystery.
The wee brambles are still on the go. Not many of them granted. I wish I had picked some for my lovely smoothies while there were lots. Never mind, I will get in there early for next year.
Mr S had a chicken pie for lunch yesterday, it was so funny with its wee sad face.
I got the last of the rhubarb and what was left of our apples for making a crumble. The colder weather is certainly upon us and I doubt I will get anymore rhubarb this year. The apple tree gave up her last remaining apple on Thursday so that's that. The crumble was amazing. No photos of that though, it's long gone.
I've been busy crocheting lots of pumpkins and some cakes for the Macmillan sale at my work that was held last week. Apart from crumbles and fairy cakes my baking skills are limited so I decided to crochet cakes. As usuaI haven't got a complete list of the blogs I got the patterns from, but i will track them down. Lion brand website was definitely one of them.
Now I'm just busy doing wee pumpkins for the Halloween bags.
What's everyone else up to?

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