8 Oct 2014

What a day

This is a picture less blog.  It's really a bit of a moan but disguised as something else.

Jings, where do I start. Oh I know.  4.30am.  I heard a bedroom door close and feet go down the stairs.  It could only be one child as the other one doesn't move.  Literally all night. But the other child well,  he thought he would go downstairs to play the ds.  I had nodded off thinking he had gone back to bed but no,  he came up at 5.30 to tell me he had kicked over a glass and there was glass everywhere.  So down stairs I stumbled to sweep up glass while half asleep and not in a great mood.

Then I saw the ds sitting on the table,  singing away to its self.  Ragin.  Little guy denied he was playing it so everything got taking off him tonight for fibbing and being up at such a godforsaken hour.

I was a pleasure at work today.  Thank god I got the hard stuff out the way yesterday.

So after work it was parents night.  This turned the day round for me as both teachers gave glowing reports of my wee folk.  Great imaginations (very much) ,  but chatty. (Errrr, that might be my fault) and good at maths (definitely their dads genes).

I came home from work and basically crashed.  Stuart made the dinner and done, well, everything and I slept on the couch.  Got up, had a bath and am now ready for the off again.  I'm hoping to wake up I the morning with super human strength and the fabulous organisational skills.

I'm going to a care and support exhibition with my work tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to take some pics there.

Night night everyone, hope you all get a good sleep.

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