18 Oct 2014

Dobbies and our Trip to Arran

Hiya, thanks for having a wee read at my blog.  Last week it was the October holidays from school here.  Its been great and I had a few days of work to enjoy the holidays with the kids.  Stuart and I split the week and they went to my mums one day too.

Last Sunday we took run up to Dobbies Garden Centre, near Ayr.  Jess wasn't feeling herself that day and wasn't up for much carry on but she felt better once she was out.  We enjoyed looking round Dobbies Christmas display at the beginning of October.  Some of the things are lovely but i did raise an eye brow at the feather boa for your tree.  Nope, we will just stick with regular decorations.

We had some cakes and coffee and juice and relaxed.  The seats were really comfortable and I could just have sat there for ages and enjoyed the peace while the kids played outside.

I loved that the Jessica and Joseph baubles were together on the display.

If you can spot a wee flash of yellow there, thats my Joe, running past the window and we were pretending we couldn't see him.  Yellow jumper outside in a garden centre, yip, I did tell him that he was a magnet for buzzy things but nothing bothered him at all.

Joe was delighted by the clown fish.  They are quite awesome to look at.

No this monster did not come home with us but the wee yellow one behind it did.

I just loved all these wee Cactus or Cacti as the 10 year old who knows all reminded me.

On the Monday Stuart was working all day so we decided to take the ferry over to Arran.  The ferry is not far from where we stay so we drove down, left the car in a nearby car park and off we went.  It wasn't really warm but it was dry so that was good enough for us.  The dog came too, her first time on a ferry.  She was so well behaved on the ferry and just sat looked at everyone.

Still in Ardrossan Harbour

Goat Fell

Last year when we came to Arran with my mum and sisters these ducks were on a pathway and chased us.  the kids thought this was great so it was a request when we came this time to go back and see the ducks.  The ducks stayed in the lake this time but we still took and paid for some food at the honesty box.  The ducks were happy I think and more appeared from further upstream.

Fishermans walk trail.

We walked back from seeing the ducks through a path we hadn't taken before.  it was called Fishermans walk and took us right along the coastal trail via the golf course.  It was a lovely walk. by the time we got back Joe played some crazy golf, Jess went into the gift shop which seemed to be having a sale and then we headed back for the next ferry.  We were only there for about three hours but that was plenty when it wasn't the warmest day.

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