24 Aug 2013


Had a lovely day.  It's Saturday, the weekend, longer lie and 2 family days.

Yesterday was the first meeting of the knitting club at the library.  I had taken a half day so I could go and support the library.

It was a great wee group.  I knew some of the people then including a close friend and some of the librarians were there.  I'm not going to be able to go again though as I can't get that time off on a Friday. 

One thing that someone was doing was that caught my eye was crocheting with carrier bags. She was making a crochet bag with them.  It looked right up my street.  

So today i got on the iPad and looked up patterns and YouTube tutorials.  So I found a YouTube tutorial by bethintx1 on plarning the circular way.  It was a really helpful tutorial.  It means that you ,are one big length from the one carrier bag.  

So then I found a pattern for a tote bag that seems quite easy.  I think I'm using a hook that's  a wee bit too small.  The pattern is  http://www.myrecycledbags.com/2008/07/19/the-ultimate-grocery-bag/

So this is it so far.   It's coming on quite fast.  The other ones I've seen though online are made with funkier bags, they must come from places where they have nicer bags.  Round here it's sainsburies or tesco or Asda.   The mackays bags are nice, pink or purple but I don't have many of them.

So plarning,  that's where I'm at today.

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  1. Lillypip I do so love this - I do wish I was in a group but there is nothing local here. I use YouTube loads of time and also one of my most favourite blogs - Momwith5daughters - the lovely Mom has taught me so much in the crochet world, I wouldn't have got this far without her - have a look, the link is on my blog. A great post Lillypip which I really enjoyed, thank you
    Lots of love