19 Aug 2013

Back to school for another year!

Hi, yes, it's another blog. I'm on a roll.  

Today my little people went back to school after 7 weeks of playing,
running, cycling, jumping and generally having fun.  They were so
smart walking in.  They seem to have grown up so much in those 7 
weeks and my heart swelled with pride as they walked in
ready for their first day.

This is My sister Emma with my wee girl in the background.  She takes any opportunity she can get to take selfies with my phone.  I left them in the car for five minutes till I popped in for some bit for lunch.  Wee monkeys.

Right up the back of my garden is my nasturtiums.  This bit of the garden is left pretty to much 
to do its own thing as the wild growth covers a tree stump that's too wonky to be any use 
but too big to be removed.  My dad grew these nasturtiums, three years ago. And they 
keep coming back to visit.  Regrowing every year.  They remind me of dad.  Even the
Ones he grew nearly 9 years ago make a small appearance at our old flat across the road.

Got some shiny leggings!

And I'm working on the granny stripe mittens by 'Lucy in the sky'. I still haven't worked out 
How to link sites on my iPad.  If anyone can help with that I would be much appreciated.


  1. What a lovely post, really enjoyed it Lillypip. Can't help with the iPad sorry wish I was more confident with this. Good luck, am sure someone will come to your rescue.
    Lots of love

  2. Thanks Dorothy, I expect too much from my iPad sometimes.
    Thanks for your reply, I'm glad you enjoyed it.