18 Aug 2013

I'm still here, honest!

If you are reading this thanks for sticking with me.  I have some woolly blogs waiting in the wings, i just need to get on the pc to do them. 

I thought I better blog at least something incase you thought I had just disappeared, gave up, ran away.  Working day shift is so much better for me but I'm not in the 'routine' yet. I go to bed too late then rush in the morning, then by nighttime I'm tired and so on.  Kids go back to school next week so I'm setting myself a bedtime target.  Hmmmm.

I've been altering my twitter and trying some new blogs to read.  If anyone can suggest any new blogs I would much appreciate it.  I just don't have enough.

          Kids thought it would be funny to much about with my oven gloves.  Wee monkeys.
          Good job my floor was clean.

   Not exactly the classiest bearded collie.  She thinks its okay to just stretch out and take up the           majority of a three sweater sofa.  Did I move her?  No.  I did not.

 My mums westie,  she has a bit of a thing about the tv.  Obviously she was loving the singing from this wee lassie on the tv.  

Thanks for reading,  it's lovely to think people would take the time to have a wee read and  any comments would be much appreciated.

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