5 Apr 2013

Rikke Hat and now some mittens

Today marks the start of my holidays from work.  Im so very pleased.  Ecstatic in fact.  Its been last July since I had a full fortnight off and i don't even think the weather was that great.  The fact that the sun is out and the schools are off in Scotland is a rare occurance as usually during the school holidays here, it pees down in epic measures.

Ive many things planned with my family for the next week and a bit now that the kids are off.  Arran, cinema, Edinburgh Zoo to name a few.  

Im going to be joining in with this Simple Moms project simplify 2013.  There are a few areas in my house that I could definitely  do with gutting.  There are shelves of chaos in the living room that are a magnet to the tiny toys and fiddly bits of things that some with small kids.  These are on my hit list.  So keep your eyes peeled for lovely tidy shelves.   Im thinking i might get it done quicker with some gin.

I need some mitts to go with my Rikke hat.  Im not a great knitter and I have went against my usual and im knitting with double points.  The pattern for these knits are from a blog I came across, a friend to knit with  What a fouter double points are.  Im trying very hard but progress is slow.  Im sure I will pick up though as I practice.  So in the last month thats two things knitted/ started thats out of my comfort zone.  
Beardie and I at Irvine Beachpark.  It was a lovely day, it was even quite warm in the sun.

Hanging around.  There are these weird wee random climbing things dotted around the lake at the beach park.  I say lake loosely.  Im not sure what its meant to be but the swans seem to like it.

Rikke hat complete.  it goes with my pink glasses.  Love it!!! My first successful venture on a circular needle. Along with my Cowl with a twist by the Purl Bee.

Two little ducks. Quack quack.  I knitted these a few years back so I'm not too sure where the pattern is from

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