15 Apr 2013

Project Simplify 2013 Part 1 - Shelves


This week was the week for shelves. These shelves were getting on my nerves for a while now. More so because I could see them from outside too. Things just tend to get stuffed in there rather than taken to bedrooms not that I'm pointing any fingers. The kids were quite amused at their daddy's collection of vinyl. So it began, out came the bin bags and piles were soon being made. 
I sort of got a little help from this guy.  Well, not so much a help as him throwing one thing out then sifting through the rest of the items. 


This is so much better.  I know where things are, the big door on the right hand side is back on after me thinking a few years ago it would be a good idea to take it off.  Lots of fiddly bits chucked out and things, paper and magazines sent to the recycle.  Phew!

Now, to tackle week 2.

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