18 Apr 2013

Jaunt to Glasgow

Went a wee jaunt to Glasgow on Thursday to have lunch with my friend Jim then back to the garage to see my old work colleagues. It was a lovely lunch in Coias Cafe on Alexandra Parade, had a tasty Caesar salad then a strong latte.

Enjoyed a little bit of mitt knitting on the train and some iPad action. Oh and a mars bar, I was starving after the gym.
It was lovely to catch up with folk I haven't seen for ages.
On the way home I phoned John Lewis to ask about a top for my wee boy for the Beavers. Well, it wasn't easy trying to explain to the woman on the phone it wasn't a top with a beaver on it. My Scottish accent was a bit lost on the polite call centre attendant. I got the top after walking up to the shop. Hopefully it will make him a bit more happy about joining in when he is there. He is a bit shy.

Stopped off in Yo Sushi for some....... sushi. It was yum.

Got myself a lovely pink case for my iPad mini.
Then off to Starbucks for a large latte with an extra shot.
Then back to the train. Got on the train, feeling quite pleased I had a seat. then the doors closed. The lights went off and a guy walked by with a next train beyond this sign. Panic!!!! There were a few other folk all up at the door. Luckily, once they uncoupled the trains, it was okay and the doors opened but I didn't fancy getting stuck on the train with a guy that was already pissed off because he had missed the last one. He recounted to the other passengers how unfair it was that they hadn't let him on the last train but the train was moving while he was running up the platform. Nae luck mate.

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