14 Jan 2013

Weight watchers and waxing

I went to my first weight watchers class of the New Year the other night.  It has to be said that this is not the first time I have joined weight watchers.  My most successful time was a year before I was pregnant with my first child.  I was sporting a healthy 8 and a half stone figure then but of course I hadn't two minutes peed on the stick and off I went for some cheesecake.  This was over 9 and a half years ago.  So i know I can do it.

Marrow with chopped tomatoes.  Later to be sprinkled with breadcrumbs and cheese.  It was really tasty.
The class was friendly, a few faces I recognised and a few ladies I knew. It was very close to my house so that was handy. I got my little red folder with my weigh in card and booklets inside.  It was a bit like the folder you get when the health visitor comes to see you and your bundle of joy for the first time.

Ive managed to steadily follow the plan though was distracted a bit by a certain person in my house who wanted a Kung Po on Saturday night.  My resolve went later on and i had about a quarter of it.  That's probably my only lapse.  I am happily (kinda) munching my way through a bowl of broccoli just now willing it to taste like it has some cheese on it.

Belle and I went a wander in Kilwinning the other day as I was too early for the dog groomers.  I wasnt sure where this groomers was so went nice and early to get parked. As it turned out I found it within 2 mins so we had a walk up and down the town and through Kilwinning Abbey.   This is how my girl looked after her haircut.  Belles Haircut

Belle at Kilwinning Abbey before going to groomers
More Kilwinning Abbey

Today was the day for getting things done that are a pest but need done.  Blood pressure, bloods taken, eyebrows and top lip waxed.  Ouch ouch ouch!!!  She told me to put my tongue under my top lip.  How do i do that with a piercing.  I visualised some mad accident when she caught the tongue bar or worse my tongue and ewwwww.  I shudder at the thought.  Wandered aimlessly round Sainsburies for 10 minutes, buying the broccoli which has now fell out with me and gone cold.  It senses my resistance to it.  Went for the waxing after the supermarket thankfully as I do look a bit slapped.

Best bit of the day still to come, I get to pick new glasses.  I might actually be able to see.  I don't know whether to go for wacky pink frames or normal frames, the only frames I have saw for a while that I really liked are ones that someone close to me has and it would’nt look right us both wearing them.  Unless I got them in pink!!!!  
  Kilwinning Abbey

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