9 Jan 2013

Cameras, dogs and Llamas

After reading someones blog about how they take their blog photos and the intricacies of their camera is occurred to me that although i take photos with the camera I don't actually know how it works and could I be using its controls better.  

My camera is Panasonic Lumix FS15, 12 mega pixels.  Its really compact, does the job, but if I knew how to work it, it might do the job better.    I hear a lot of people using Canons.  Maybe one might find its way to me for my birthday which isn't for ages yet.

For dog walks just now I am currently listening to Minding Frankie by Maeve Binchy.  Talking books are good for me as I can pop one on and just walk with Belle.  50 shades wasn't so good for audio books though, creeped me out a bit.    And I was always paranoid there would be this comedy moment where everyone I passed would be able to hear what was going on.  No, not for me thanks.
Belle on Christmas Eve making good use of the carrot the kids had left out for Rudolph.  

As for telly, while working on a marathon ironing pile I watched How to be a good mother 
I dont think I was like any of those mums, they home schooled, pole danced, baked placenta and I dont think ive ever taken a picture of one of my childs poo's.  No, never done that.
The last mum looked a bit pissed off though when the presenter challenged her for taking her young daughter out without helmet on the bike.   I did like her though, she designed her own dresses and had her own couture boutique.

The diet is going not too bad.  I must admit to being quite hungry especially at night.  Im a nibbler. Day 7 this is.  Tonight is my first night at weight watchers even though ive been following the plan for a week.  Hope its not too busy, it always puts me off having to 'weight' around (sorry).  

Do you like me Llamas.  I bought these the other morning while shopping after my nightshift.  Bad idea to shop when you are that tired, you really will buy anything.  They looked funny and actually taste very nice.  Like a cross between an oatcake and a doritto only thinner.

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