6 Jan 2013

Happy New Year (thin new me???)

Its that time of year to start the diet.  I wonder how many thousands of blogs are starting with the same topic this year.  Well here is mine.  Im heavy, there is no getting away from it.  I have a fondness for sweet things and easy to eat and make things. Which is fine if none of these things attach themselves to your hips stomach and buttocks.  But fat seems to like those places on me.
A wee guinea pig photo to detract from the fact Im moaning about my weight again.

Im currently on day 4 of the weight watchers diet.  First meeting is next week so its a bit arse for elbow for me but I couldnt wait to start pointing or i might have lost the willpower.

Im not ashamed to say I nearly fell off the scales when they read 73kg the other day.  I was ill, 57 they had been a few weeks ago im sure.  Have a grew something that would weigh that much (no its certainly not that).  I feel as though a cruel trick has been played on me with that one!!

Oh to be eight and so very much delighted by One Direction.
So my blog will be changing direction slightly, still crochet and crafty but with weight watchers, running and the gym too.  There isnt going to be any lycra clad photos though, dont worry.  Well not till Im honed and toned.  Dont check back for that in the next few weeks please.

Sorry the post is a bit picture light, the lighting in the house is just dire just now and with my lovely wee ones being off the school just now the time for photo opportunities is a wee bit rare.

Thanks for reading.

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