13 Jun 2010

Sunday quietness

Its a beautiful day today, truly beautiful considering it was chucking it down with rain most of last night.  The grass is calling to me to give it another haircut but not today, that will need to wait.  I have been sleeping all morning and most of the afternoon.  I was night shift last night I could have slept standing up this morning,  was so sleepy.  My two wee people are decanted out today as my poor recuperating husband is having to work.  He has had the most frightful tummy bug this week and hasn't been well but he seems to be on the mend and went to work today.  Shaggy dog is with my neighbour and shall be collected after I have had some lillypip time to myself.

A wee model railway exhibit.

I havent really much for you in the way of photograpghs today, they are all on my beloved iphone and some on my camera.  I will need to work out how to download them again.  Its been so long since I did so that I cannot remember how.  Thats for another day though, nightshift again tonight so its going to be some muddling and puddling around till them.

Cant wait till the wee folk come home.  I have a feeling that they are getting a nice surprise at grannies today so It will be lovely to see exactly what that is.  Thanks for listening today, It was lovely of you to stop by.  Im off now for a nosey at some of my other favourte blogs to see what some others have been up to.  Laura xx

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