27 Jul 2010

Summer holidays

I am now almost entering into the fourth week of the kids summer holidays.  The first couple of weeks were fine, doing this and that but now the troops are getting restless.  The rain hasn't helped, I think the minute the school bell rang the heavens opened.  Lots of splashyness though.  It seems to have given my wee guy licence to jump in any puddle though regardless of whether he has wellies on or not.

I still have my 2 weeks off of work to get though (4 shifts left ).

I had a few child free hours on Thursday and went on a little mooch round some of the used and vintage shops locally.  I bought this lovely wine glass which can I say holds a bucket full of wine.  Some of the spots need going over but there is glass paint knocking around somewhere for that.  That's my rainbow mug to the side of it. (see be;ow for that sad story.

This find is really my favourite.  I originally picked it because of the weird and funky rabbit design on it but when I got home I noticed the name at the bottom.  Hornsea.  So I duly looked it up on the Internet only to find its an interesting wee piece.   I was in need of a new mug as I broke the handle on my gorgeous rainbow cup. I was gutted about that. 

I am also awaiting  Tuesday morning so I can go and collect what I think is my Bunnykins mug from the post office.  I quite excited about this, I have a feeling it might not be big enough for tea and might need to be an ornament or maybe it could hold my crochet hooks which are eager to be used...., not just yet wee hooks.

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