8 Jun 2014

Some random photos and thoughts

I'm having a relatively early night. My mind is full of thoughts though. Tomorrow my oldest is 10. Where has the time gone. She is turning into such a lovely girl though we have the stroppy side to contend with but I'm sure that goes with the territory.

I have the most amazing minecraft cake for tomorrow. It's just awesome, made by someone I know through someone at work.

My wee boy is still only 7 for a few months. I love having them this age. I don't sit and wish for their baby years again, I don't know why, I just don't.

I'm not a clucky person with other babies, I like a hold and a cuddle knowing when they cry, it's back to mummy.

Gorgeous wee people, such fun to be around.

Time for sleep now. Zzzzzzzzzz




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