7 Jun 2014

A week in pictures.

This week in pictures is the week before last. It's been a busy time, buying a new fridge/ freezer, working and going to concerts. We went to see one direction on Tuesday but I will post about that another day as I still have a gazillion photos to sort through. Daughter took quite a lot of the persons head in front.

Last Saturday was a really gorgeous day. It was so warm and sunny. We too the dog down to the beach park and the kids played while the dog and I played. Lots of people down with their dogs and I met one of my neighbours with her own dog and a dog she was dog sitting.


Then the ice cream van arrived and it was 99's all round.

Sunday was a busy day for us too. Joe got baptised that day. I had never had him baptised as a baby, long story but we go to church very Sunday and his first communion is next year. It was a lovely service and the priest made it lovely for joe and his friend who was also being baptised.

We also had a friends first communion.

Trying to take a picture of ourself. I've fell out with the word se**ie. it's irritating the bones of me now. No more please.


Not much crafty stuff to report on. I need to get that sorted. My daughter is 10 on Monday. How did that happen?











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