5 Jun 2013

Yummy cakes and cheeky ornament

It's been over a few weeks since my last blog, a lots been going on which has held me back a bit. As I've mentioned before, I usually work nights but changes in the place I work have meant a lot of changes for me and where I will be working very soon. In a few weeks I will be working Monday to Friday, 9-5. I'm very much looking forward to getting back to office based work and to getting into a routine. So that will either mean I can blog routinely, on a certain day or, that I won't have time to blog at all.
I think daytime working will have its benefits. In theory!!! I should be able to lose weight as I won't be too tired to exercise properly.

This is a yummy lemon cheesecake I got for dessert at the Corran Inn. It doesn't look as big in this picture as it really was.

I got this cheesecake for my sister from http://www.handmadecheesecakes.co.uk/ for my sister 18th. It was so yummy and the company were great. It was hand delivered on her birthday, there were no problems at all.

I got this cheeky wee cake at a school fayre last Saturday. It has a chocolate orange segment on top of it and it tasted so so good.

I bought this cute ornament from a charity shop when i was out a wander. These wanders can be quite dangerous as I ended up buying a skirt from new look and some wool which I said I wouldn't buy till the stash had been seriously busted but I couldn't help myself. Really, I couldn't.
I'm still working on my blanket, (copy of little tin birds Elmer blanket).
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