6 Mar 2013

Tricked into thinking spring was arriving.

Yesterday was the most beautiful day, there was a heat in the air, the smell of fresh cut grass and you might be forgiven for thinking that spring was almost here.  I even put a washing out.  Dog and I went out a good walk.  I have a new audio book on the go , Heart & Soul by Maeve Bunchy.  In hind sight I should have read this before Minding Frankie as this book is introducing a lot of the characters that were in Minding Frankie.  I dont mind though, its a lovely book so far.

Today though its a different story.  The walk wasn't as long as the wind was strong and icy cold.  We did meet another collie & owner at the park though.  i was delighted to that its not only Belle that wiggles on her back like a looney.

I knitted a wee hat for Fish and Chip Babies  using some spare crofter yarn I had left. 

Tea and a pineapple tower time.

My new yarn for knitting the Rikke Hat.  This yarn is sirdar Crofter in Hepburn 33 

Started off the Rikke on a straight needle, size 6.  My tension was ridiculously tight and the needle should have been smaller.  I have now transferred it on to a circular needle and all is going well so far.  I used the German Cast  on method.  The youtube link was suggested by the lovely Knitting Knoobie and is by The Knit Witch.

A solitary daffodil that the wee guy planted in 2011.  Never made an appearance at all last year but its fighting through now.

My primulas in the belfast sink at the back door.  Its a lovely splash of pink to see from the kitchen, they arent half hardy these things.

Dog amongst the pussy willow.  Just a random bush, sitting on its own down the embankment.

Thanks for reading.

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