16 Feb 2015

Simply sewing and simply sore.

Hi everyone, it's Monday morning and I'm up a bit earlier so I can maybe get this wee blog in while getting people ready for school and lunches done etc.

This is what is looking like outside just now, well, 20 minutes ago. Was watching Stephanie Persons you tube channel yesterday talking about the carcadian rythem and how important it was to be in bed for 10. So I duly obliged and was up at 6.30. I'm now quite wakened and full of beans. I'm usually quite a late bed person, maybe in bed but reading and stuff but last night it was lights out and eyes shut at 10. Which meant eyes wakened at 3.30 but I went back quick enough till the alarm went off.

See what came out last week? Simply Sewing. I've been so excited since I read in simply crochet they were starting a sewing magazine. Thursday lunchtime I went to he newsagents. Not there. Came home and went to Irvine Tesco, not there. Irvine Sainsburies, not there. Irvine Asda, not there. I was pretty pissed of by this time. So one last chance, Stevenston Morrisons on the drive back. Bingo! Loads of them in there. But I haven't opened it yet. I just wanted it there for when I was ready and the weekend wasn't the right time. I think tonight I will snuggle up with tea and the mag once the kids are in bed.

You may think I'm a bit crunchy, gone in the head to have travelled to so many places to track it down. Well you would be right. I'm a bit odd like that. I'm going to get a subscription going to avoid future incidents.

Now, here is the sore bit. I went to my first physical training session at Blades Gym in Ardrossan. Wullie the trainer was lovely. Explained everything really well, made me feel at ease and made me work for an hour which would render my legs sore for the rest of the weekend. Muscles that obviously not been used for a while. Wullie and his wife Louise have a lot of titles in the strongman / woman competitions so I'm really pleased to be training there.

This morning I'm not just as sore. I can come down the stairs a bit better. I've got till Wednesday to recover then it's back in for round 2. I've running tomorrow night as well. They did say I should lay off the cardio for a month till the strength training kicks in but I'm scared to stop for a month as it took me so long to get there with the running. Quandary!

Have a lovely day everyone and I should be able to come back soon with a review of how I found Simply Sewing.


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