8 Feb 2012

Learning to crochet

For ages I have been dying to learn to crochet. Ive been a long time reader of attic 24 and marvelled at Lucy's lovely crochet creations.  I poured over books but to no avail.  Then I discovered this tutorial by bethinks and it all started to slip into place.  How to knit a Granny Square for beginners

I started, I stopped, I rewound  and I repeated this more times that I care to mention.  Then it clicked and I started crocheting like a demon.

First ever granny square cushion.

I had these whaler cushion covers and attached the granny square to that while I was crocheting the final round.

This is another cushion made the same way for my feel girl.  She requested one of her very own, she was so impressed when it was finished.

The kids have daffodil bulbs home from school, the idea being that they will take them back in a few months and sell them to raise money for Marie Curie.  So I thought they were a bit bare sitting in the hall so I have knitted them some jackets much to the amusement of the ceramic dog.
I love cornishware and don't have enough of it but now I can crochet my own.  Obviously when the daffs go back to school the jackets go too but then I can do some more now I know how.

 The last one is almost finished and then to decide what I can do next. Its very exciting now I can finally make these things and I'm finding it easier than knitting.  (Sorry knitting, i still love you)


  1. Those are lovely! Crochet always brings back childhood memories for me.

  2. Hi there ! First of all many many thanks for following my little blog. I know it's a bit empty at the moment but it will soon be bursting with lots of lovely things. I love ,love your granny square cushion. It's so bright and cheery.
    Keep crafting Much hugs Cate x

  3. I know what you mean when you say it just clicked, though I have yet to experience that with crochet. I foolishly tackled knitting and crochet simultaneously. Well, in my head at least. For now, crochet has gone on the back burner, but after several attempts at different projects, my knitting no longer looks like a foreign language. I am finally starting to get it! Yay for small victories! And thanks for the tutorial link!

  4. Thanks everyone, I was so excited to see I had comments. Nearly fell off my chair. :0

  5. Those look great! Crochet is fab, I find it much easier than knitting too.