29 Sep 2011

It's Mollie Makes time again.

It's one of my favourite times of the month. I realised this afternoon that I had taken my eye off the ball. Mollie Makes was due out and I had not realised.

I grabbed my purse, keys and rushed down to the newsagents down the town. Last month they had five copies at 9am, surely some would still be there at 5pm. Phew, one left.
This visit cost me 11 quid as my 7 year old daughter came with instructions also from her wee brother to get him a magazine too.

So here I find myself, oohh, forgot to mention how excited I was when I read on twitter that Kirstie Allsop has a new home made home series coming out in two weeks. The best bit is that the Christmas special is in New York. My three favourite things. I love New York sooooooo much.

Anyway, I'm settling down to read Mollie Makes, helped along by a cup of tea and some New York cheesecake. Yum.

Thanks for reading.x

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